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035 | Gathering In Sacred Circle | with Paula Mallis

Back in the day, tribes and villages of women raised children together; nothing was done alone. But as time has gone on, we’ve lost this beautiful practice. We’re in a society where we’re expected to have children and families and careers, and to do so independently, perfectly, and Instagram-worthy at all times.

When I found WMN Space, it felt like I was in this time warp: a place where women gather in circle to share, support, hold space, and love. You set intentions, ground in with other women, and help navigate this big life as one.

The creator of this beautiful practice here in LA is Paula Mallis. In our conversation, you’ll hear me talk about her giving off this vibe that she’s done this all before. It feels like she’s spent lifetimes healing and supporting women in really powerful ways. The way she carries herself with such intention and purpose is something I’d love to learn from. And not only does she lead these circles, but she’s also a doula for many families. A mother herself, she is truly living her purpose and helping guide us all along the way.

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Today on The Platform…

  • How WMN Space was born

  • The incredible gifts of Paula’s experience with motherhood

  • Mothering your inner child

  • Overcoming the fear of surrendering and letting go

  • The value of simply listening rather than responding

  • How to cultivate a mindful partnership

  • The evolution of Paula’s doula work