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038 | Disrupting Women’s Status Quo | with Dr. Patti Fletcher

While I was on leave from work before officially quitting my job this spring, I was reading books, trying to stay connected and be inspired. I read Disrupters by Dr. Patti Fletcher, and I couldn’t put it down. Patti’s ability to explain what women must do to rise to the top is emotional, eye-opening, and humbling. She tells the stories of women we can all see ourselves in, and those we want to emulate.

I was so honored to sit down with such a game changer and talk about how we can all be better for ourselves and use our voices and power for good.

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Today on The Platform…

  • How women can help themselves to the top (and support each other along the way)

  • How we’re limiting ourselves from massive success

  • Patti’s spiritual connection with her deceased female ancestors, who push her to tell their stories and carry this torch for them

  • Why it’s important to develop your own definition of success

  • How to maintain your feminine grace while being fierce and making powerful change

  • Why impostor syndrome is so prevalent

  • How to create your own sacred tribe