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Learning to Let Go of Toxic Relationships


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I spent far too many years of my life in toxic relationships with both men and women. I didn’t know my self worth or value and I allowed negative energy and poor treatment because I was unaware that I was worthy of more. When I began letting go of these people, the energy shifted in my life so that I could begin to call in an incredible partner and powerful, supportive women to my tribe. Below is a checklist for you. Consider these feelings and take a look at how your circle is filling you up or depleting you. If they don’t meet your requirements, then lovingly let go. Create a life so abundantly full of positive, supportive relationships that the others just fall to the side.

My tribe is:

  • Loving

  • Supportive

  • Welcoming

  • Not gossipy

  • Thoughtful

  • Engaging

  • Interested in similar things

  • Interested in different things

  • Always challenging me to be better

  • Shows up for important moments in my life

  • Not jealous

  • Regularly making an effort to spend quality time

  • Positive

  • Honest

  • Hard working

  • Emotionally available

  • Willing to quietly hold space and listen to me

  • Thoughtful about adding value to my life

  • Consistently asking “How can I best support you?”

  • Willing to accept me for who I am and honor my evolution

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