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056 | Listening To Your Inner Knowing | with Natalie Miles

We are all intuitive – but different people receive this spiritual guidance in many different ways.

Natalie Miles is a Spiritual Guide & Mentor on a mission to support others on their spiritual journeys, connecting humans with their spiritual guides (or what we might call a person’s cheerleaders in the spiritual realm).

Natalie’s devotion to helping others through her work is so clear, and I am so grateful to have her here today. In this episode, Natalie’s wisdom will help you to find the answers you seek, and clear any blocks in your way. You will heal the past, and feel a sense of empowerment you once thought was only for others.

I’m so excited for you to hear this episode.

 the platform podcast with kelli tennant; kristen hinman, public relations, pr company, marketing, social media marketing, google adwords, advertisement, small business owner, Kristen Hinman is the CEO of Peare Media, a caring mother, and an active champion of ayurvedic health. After over eight years in the PR Industry, Kristen experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known, and she discovered her superpower: getting people’s unique stories out of them, and then telling those stories in a way that resonates with others.

Today on The Platform…

  • The relationship between emotional trauma and physical illness

  • Breaking the cycle of reliving our ancestors’ stories

  • What is Spirit? What is intuition?

  • How to cut the energetic cord between yourself and that toxic person in your life

  • What it means to be a psychic medium

  • Why Natalie chose spiritual mentoring as her form of service to the world

  • Natalie’s advice for those of us who don’t understand our psychic gifts

  • Releasing shame in order to spring forward into intuition

  • Natalie does a live reading for Kelli