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058 | Sustaining Your Feminine Health | with Meika Hollender

I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this, but – I have to give a warning for this show. If you have any children anywhere this episode, that’s a bad idea. So please clear your kids from the room, because we’re about to talk about some adult things.

I’m so excited to have Meika Hollender on today. She created Sustain, which is the first brand of all natural, vagina related products. Meika grew up embedded in the natural products movement, as her father created the well-known household products company, Seventh Generation. After heading to business school, she recognized the lack of awareness surrounding women’s personal health, founded Sustain, and wrote the critically acclaimed Get on Top: Of Your Pleasure, Sexuality & Wellness: A Vagina Revolution.

Meika is a trailblazer, and I’m so grateful to learn from her.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Why conventional tampons are incredibly dangerous

  • Sustain Natural’s extensive product list

  • Why your vagina is perfect

  • The microbiome of the vagina (including bacteria which are so crucial to your health)

  • How and why Sustain gives 10% of profits back to underserved communities

  • The truth: everyone deserves to orgasm

  • Why women need to release shame surrounding sex

  • How women can advocate for themselves in the bedroom