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082 | Standing Strong In Self-Awareness | with Erica Fowler

Today’s episode is a special one, as I’ve known our guest, Erica Fowler, for a long time. Erica and I both grew up in the same town, and she was one of my brother’s really good friends. Being able to reconnect all of these years later, and look at the similarities in our paths has been really incredible.

Erica is a certified Nutritionist Consultant, a plant-based chef, and the founder of Erica Jane Health. She is passionate about conscious living through simple practices that eliminate stress and help create a balanced lifestyle. In our conversation today, we get to hear all of the amazing things that Erica is up to, and how her beautiful her journey of healing and giving back is unfolding.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Creating the life that Erica now has
  • The beginning of Erica’s health journey
  • Erica’s approach to foods
  • The clients with cancer that Erica works with + her approach to western medicine
  • Working through pain to get to happiness
  • What Erica learned through her parents divorce
  • Communication within her relationship
  • Intentions for the year
  • How Erica stands strong in her self-awareness
  • Being in and out of alignment
  • Trauma manifesting as disease and illness
  • The medical medium concept
  • Erica’s relationships with women




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