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084 | Finding Balance Between Feminine + Masculine | with Madelyn Moon

I am so excited for today’s guest! I am joined by the magical Madelyn Moon, an author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach. Her mission is to help stop women from over-thinking, and instead trust their intuition and lean in to their flow. I love her ability to talk about embracing both the feminine and the masculine, and sharing how we can all do that for ourselves.

Madelyn Moon is on a forever mission to inspire women across the world to play bigger, speak louder and take full advantage of the one life they have been gifted while staying connected to their spirituality and trust in a higher power. In this conversation, Madelyn and I talk about feeling shame, moving back to New York City, saying “no”, and so much more.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • All of Maddy’s travels + where she’s ended up
  • Knowing what a “yes” feels like + what a “no” feels like
  • The balance between the feminine and masculine
  • Signs that you’re leaning deeply into the toxic side of feminine or masculine
  • The impact her teachings has had on her own life
  • Navigating moments that have happened in the past and not seeing why
  • The “sacred slut” and going braless

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