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087 | The Road to Fertility- A Mother’s Day Special | with Carrie Diaz

Today is a special one for you, as I have Carrie Diaz, an extremely special woman to me. Carrie has overcome a lot through the different obstacles and seasons of her life, and I couldn’t think of a better person to have this special Mother’s Day episode conversation with.

Carrie wears many hats, from interior design to part of the Ceremony Wellness team, and we began our friendship over a strong bond of healing. Carrie does such a beautiful job of showing up for the people in her life, for her children, and she’s always inspiring those around her to shine. In our conversation today, Carrie and I talk through childhood traumas, grief, her health journey, and keeping her own identity as herself and as a mother.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • The best parts of being a mom
  • Taking care of herself in her youth
  • Owning up to your mistakes
  • The inner voices we have, especially around loss
  • Having miscarriages
  • Carrie’s IVF journey
  • The effect that stress has had on Carrie
  • Her body attacking itself + what she did about it
  • What Carrie has learned on her journey so far
  • Working through bad days
  • What she learned about her body through the AIP
  • Discovering the new versions of herself
  • Carrie’s wants and hopes for her children




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