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090 | Healthy After Cancer | with Samantha Harris

I’m really excited to share today’s episode with you because it’s with a woman that I’ve admired for years, Samantha Harris. You may know her from her TV show hosting days, and now Samantha is stepping into the world of service. Samantha is a health advocate, a cancer survivor, and an author.

As a highly motivational speaker, Samantha shares her personal journey from cancer diagnosis to healthiest health with genuine warmth and unflappable positivity. She is driven to support and educate women by creating a community where they feel seen, heard, and loved. In our conversation today, we talk through her journey of being diagnosed, to healing, and to how she’s now on a mission to help others.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • What triggered Samantha to step into the wellness space
  • Samantha’s realization that her mind matters
  • Staying grounded while being a known television show
  • How Samantha has navigated female relationships
  • Letting go of toxic relationships
  • People pleasing
  • The Samantha Harris alter-ego
  • Being diagnosed with breast cancer + what she’s learned
  • Blending eastern and western medicine practices
  • The power of the food we consume
  • What sparked Samantha to write her book
  • Bringing women together + the permission to self-care




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