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097 | Hearing Voices – You’re Not Alone | with Laura Holloway + Monika Zands

Today’s episode features my dearest friend from childhood, Laura Holloway, and a newer friend whom I so admire, Monika Zands. I am so excited to introduce these ladies to you, because they are the truest friends who have really guided me into spirituality. They are both graduates of the University of Santa Monica with their Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and will be speaking at Ceremony Wellness: Live on October 5th.

The conversation begins with Laura, who opens up about her identity shift, the injury that really impacted her, and her transition from star college volleyball player to becoming an entrepreneur. We’ll talk through committing to owning your emotions and the importance of holding space without judgment. Then we’ll transition into Monika, who gets deep into her near death experience and deciphering between ego and intuition. We’ll also dig into finding your tribe, talking to God, and knowing you aren’t alone. Holy cow, this a big one!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Creating an abundance mindset
  • Breaking the burden of trying to save people
  • The difference between sympathy, empathy, & authentic empowerment
  • Finding play by connecting with your inner child
  • Conversations with God
  • The power of belief in healing
  • The conflict of internal dialogue & wearing a mask
  • Understanding the things we attract
  • The connection between intuition and instinct
  • Self-created stories that keep us from connecting with people




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