The Kelli Show is the juicy intersection of spiritual and sexual liberation, helping women break free from a lineage of toxic lies and rules.


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tune into the top 50 podcast +

In these episodes, Kelli will ask you to challenge
social norms, encourage you to create your own narrative
and invite you to come back to your evolving truth. 

Imagine… living on your own terms, fully expressed, sexually connected, with tangible tools to release shame, be in choice and truly see yourself.

We challenge the societal and familial norms, create our own aligned narratives and come back to ourselves and our evolving truth. 

 I created this space because physical isolation and being the only one stifles your evolution and festers shame; it keeps us from processing in a healthy way. I was lost, alone and didn’t know what was true anymore. I knew I wanted more for myself but I didn’t really know what that meant. I was feeling desires I couldn’t understand and I kept hitting walls as I tried to “do the work” on my own. I knew I needed help, a community and someone who had been there before. We all want to be seen, heard and acknowledged and being in community allows us to act as mirrors, see ourselves deeper and step further into our healing.

My life truly began when it fell apart.


"The episode with Howard Wills and the group was so powerful for me.To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical going into the podcast not knowing if I would get anything out of it for myself. I listen to about 30 minutes first where he healed pain from past lives and lineage and I had warming sensations all over my upper body and felt light headed. I slept deep and for 10 hours that night. I had been dealing with some type of muscle pain in my upper chest for over a week and nothing seemed to help. When I woke up today it was completely gone. I honestly can’t believe it. Thank you for this Kelli!"

"Cleansing Your Life and Lineage, The Prayers through Howard Wills" ~ The Kelli Show Podcast



-tiki h.

"This podcast was the best thing I found this year! Kelli is wholesome, authentic and raw. She holds amazing space for anyone interested in growing into the best version of themselves. The topics she shares and the guests she has are magical AF! If you feel alone in this world, if you've lost hope or simply feel lost, please listen to The Kelli show! You will find hope in her words and maybe the courage to grow yourself through your challenges. Thank you Kelli for staying true to yourself and helping the community around you blossom. I appreciate you!"

The Kelli Show Podcast


"Amazingly authentic and beautiful"


"Thank you for continuing to bring radical content into the world. Your transparency and honesty has really brought forward a lot of healing in my life. I admire your determination to bring inspiring and INNOVATIVE people on your podcast. As well as how raw and gracefully you share your lived experience with the world. I highly value the work you are doing. Lots of love!"

"Cleansing Your Life and Lineage, The Prayers through Howard Wills" ~ The Kelli Show Podcast


"Atticus: Sending Love From The Shadows"

-brit malk

"This is my new go-to podcast!!! There is a variety of healing, spiritual and boss babe content!!! Kelli’s interviews come out at the right time of what my soul is needing to hear. As someone who is really starting to dive deep into their spiritual practice, I find that I’m not alone and often get a lot of questions answered through these interviews. Kelli, thank you for being vulnerable, open and magical!!!! Keep up the awesome work you are creating for this world!"

The Kelli Show Podcast


"this girl is on fire"

- For the woman just tapping into her sexuality for the first time or redefining it 
- In a spiritual awakening and questioning a fuck ton 
- You feel completely alone and want a community
- You want to unapologetically show up as the woman you’re becoming 
- You’re tired of apologizing for your existence on this planet

Does this sound like you?

- You came from a conservative childhood where talking like this is considered shameful
- You’re scared to speak your truth and lose friends and family 
- You are fearful of what’s outside the box you’ve been stuck in
- You feel broken and wrong for your desires and curiosity 
- You want to heal your relationships with women and be accepted and seen
- You have a ton of unprocessed trauma… welcome to being human sis! 

But here’s the thing, does this also sound like you?

- Unapologetic juicy orgasms
- A life that makes you say fuck yes!
- To fully feel what you actually feel without shame or fear
- To wake up playfully excited about the day, dancing in your underwear, blasting your music     and giving zero fucks and then going to bed feeling held and loved
- Take your power for a ride… where could it go? Who could you really become?

Secretly you really want...

We’ve been waiting for you.
THE kelli show is the collective of women you’ve been dreaming of. 

listen to the show

sit with world-renowned healers


“That is the most beautiful thing about you and what you do. You share about your experiences and not because you like talking about yourself….You show the lived example of it all. When it is so hard to hear people just preach and tell you what to mirrors back to me how I can show up in my life..thank you for being so real”


“Thank you Kelli for being so open and for holding this space for us so graciously..I have so looked forward to all of these sessions...I feel very grateful and fortunate”


“I have energetically been attracting better people in my life..I have to attribute that to this program and all the lessons I have been learning”...”This women’s circle is so powerful and I hope to be apart of them in whatever way possible with you”..”Kelli I can’t thank you enough for putting this program together”


“It’s been fabulous...I am a completely different person...I can’t even begin to explain how free I feel..I just want to thank you”


“I want to say how amazing this program has been for me. I have never felt safe being as vulnerable as I have been in a space before...I always feel so safe here to just talk about anything and I don't feel judged..It is so nice to be surrounded by women who are on the same mission that I am...thank you Kelli for facilitating this amazing space for us.”


“This program has been such a gift.. I feel so much more I can trust myself really have a gift Kelli..thank you for being bold and going after what was really aligned for you in your is so inspiring...we are all such strong and beautiful women and I am so privileged to be a part of this...I appreciate all your time you put into this program”


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