I wanted more for myself for so long and I couldn't figure out what that was or how to get it. It took 15 years of chronic illness shutting my body down, having to quit playing college volleyball. sexual assault, and many toxic relationships to finally help me see that I had to be radically honest with myself about my choices and how I was showing up in the world. I ditched my life of people pleasing, being the good girl and needing validation for a life of pleasure, fulfillment and freedom. I am devoted to my core to helping women see themselves more clearly and get out of their bullshit cycles and stories so they can finally have the life they want and love themselves deeply. As a mom of a little girl, there is nothing that matters more to me than shifting the paradigm and being an example to her for what's really possible for us. 


I’ve taken a male-dominated and dry podcast space and made it warm, welcoming and vision-oriented. With so few female founders in media, I wanted to lead a female-run company with a focus on detail, heart and community. From the top down, we’ve created a movement in which our team and clients co-create conversations, events and relationships that impact millions of people around the world. Each month, we meet in our Soulfire Masterminds - featuring our hosts - to facilitate thought provoking discussions to elevate us as speakers, leaders, and business owners. I never want anyone to feel alone, and I truly believe in the power of the village making each of us better in every way.

Podcasting, media, and business have been done one way for so long, and I tend to be a little rebellious, so I figured, why don’t we completely change everything, shift the paradigm and see what’s possible? I’ve never been like everyone else and it really is time to expand the capacity for what we do and who we are.

I’m so excited you’re here.