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What is Functional Medicine?

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This is my favorite subject! Even with all of my access to doctors and alternative medicine, I still didn’t know anything about functional medicine until the summer of 2017. And I’m guessing that you probably don’t know too much about it either. 

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I had to realize that my desire to go deep with people really, really quick actually wasn’t serving me or them or the relationship. Because in order for true, healthy intimacy and vulnerability to be experienced, we have to wade into the pool.

Dating, Co-dependence + Control | with Amy Young

If you can create a new experience together, a new novel experience, and create the process of learning how to do that and communicate that and share that desire, that’s a positive feedback cycle for your relationship.

Desire, Uncertainty and Listener Q&A | with Kelli + Conner

Today we are joined by Sex and Relationship Coach, Kat Trimarco! This incredible lady is deep, thoughtful, multi-dimensional, so it’s no wonder our conversation gets deep quickly. Kat shares her sexual awakening, her experiences with relationships and growth, and her work at the University of Santa Monica. She held space for me as I talked […]

103 | The Sexual Awakening | with Kat Trimarco

Just knowing I’m not the only person that’s been there; I’m not the only person who’s felt taken advantage of; I’m not the only survivor. We’re in this together, and we can help each other.

102 | Escaping Sexual Assault + Evangelical Christianity | with Rachel Overvoll

You can’t get clear on who you’re supposed to be with or what the relationship looks like until you’re clear on who you are. Because your energy field is full of that, and if you’re putting out fear or need or co-dependence or lack, you’re going to get that back.

101 | Spirituality, Safety and Abuse | with Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth, Arielle Coree, and Emily Greene

We’re all going in and out of our heads, worrying about our partners and what they think about us and our bodies. Instead of pretending like none of us have these insecurities, have conversations around them beforehand. Share that vulnerability, so it can take off masks.

100 | Morning Sex, Orgasms + Shame | with Amy Baldwin

Ayurveda will call you—once your soul is ready to receive it, it will come.

099 | Chronic Illness, Astrology + Ayurveda | with Martha Soffer

“It’s this triad of love, respect, and admiration that creates a healthy relationship. When you have these 3 pillars in place, if one is wavering, you have two more to lean on, and that’s okay.”

098 | Love, Sex + Ayahuasca | with Kelli + Conner

“Healing anything—any wound, misunderstanding, challenge, unresolved material—is the application of loving to the parts inside that hurt.”

097 | Hearing Voices – You’re Not Alone | with Laura Holloway + Monika Zands

“It feels so good that I don’t have to be the one to do everything and figure it all out– being with someone that will be in it with me, and experiencing the process.”

096 | Sacred Partnership | with Christine Hassler, Stefanos Sifandos and Conner Moore

“Sacred union for me is that level of interaction, the level of deep intimate relating where the relationship itself is actually adding value to all of those around you.”

095 | Holding Space in the Masculine | with Stefanos Sifandos

“If we can get better about knowing ourselves through movement, through breathing, through recovery, and we start to figure out the best strategies to manipulate how we’re recovering; that’s where my job as a coach is so pivotal.”

094 | Mastering Mindfulness + Movement | with Ryan Hodge


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