Ceremony Wellness: LIVE

join us for our biggest event of the year:

Join us on October 5th, 2019 in Los Angeles for Ceremony Wellness: LIVE, where you'll have the chance to interact with Kelli and all of your favorite guests from the podcast! 

- Meet Kelli + your favorite guests from the podcast! 

- Interact with world-renowned doctors and healers. 

- Inspired conversations that will support your growth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

- Meet the founders of Kelli's favorite non-toxic companies. 

- In-person connections with like-minded individuals ready to elevate their lives.

- Head home with a full heart and giant goodie bag full of the best products on the market, worth $1000. 

- Panels on Functional medicine, Ayurveda, sexuality, dating, spirituality, motherhood, and conscious relationships. 

- Breakfast from Urban Remedy + lunch from Surya Spa. 

- Live music, cupping, acupuncture, cryo facials, bodywork, chiropractic, movement, and energy work. 

What's happening at Ceremony Wellness: LIVE? 

Spend the day learning from the leading voices in wellness and spiritual development, and world-renowned Functional medicine and Ayurvedic doctors. You'll be surrounded by people with a similar desire to heal, grow and elevate their lives. These are the conversations that are changing lives and exclusive resources and people you'll only find here. 




October 5, 2019
doors open at 8:15am

The Hummingbird Temple in Los Angeles, CA

You’re always feeling tired and not quite sure why

You’re in pain and have chronic headaches

You find yourself waking up after a night of sleep and not feeling rested

You’re experiencing feelings of sadness or depression

You’ve ever been assaulted or bullied

 You want to get in shape but find it hard to get (and stay) motivated

You desire more for yourself and want to practice self-love

You're ready to surround yourself with incredible people and feel seen and held. 

You're looking for a judgment-free zone to authentically step into yourself. 

Ceremony Wellness: LIVE is a can't miss event! 

join us if:

October 5, 2019
doors open at 815am

The Hummingbird Temple in Los Angeles, CA



Speakers including


people like...

dr. lekkos

laura holloway

monika zands

tiffany louise

stephanie dawn elizabeth

martha soffer

priya lakhi

mclean mcgown

ryan hodge

Masters in Spiritual Psychology + Entrepreneur

World-Renowned Functional Medicine Doctor

Executive Coach

LCSW + Author 

Girl Kind Podcast + Manifestation Mentor

World- Renowned Ayurvedic Doctor

Spiritual Healer

KinectionLA Founder + Functional Movement Coach 

Mother the Mother Podcast + Postpartum Doula

conner moore

Host of The Realness podcast,
Lifestyle Design + Dating coach


Host of Soul Moments with Arielle Coree + Best-Selling Author 

Emily Stanwyck

Birthfit Podcast Host, Doula, Professional + Family Success Coach

Kat Trimarco 

Spiritual Psychology + Sexuality Coach

Caroline Burckle

Olympic Medalist,
Co-Founder of Rise Athletes, Artist

Kelli Tennant is the host of Ceremony Wellness Podcast + creator of The Journey Within healing series. As an autoimmune warrior herself, Kelli helps women heal their physical and emotional pain through Functional Medicine, Ayurveda and spiritual development. She has authentic conversations with the leading voices in wellness, alternative medicine and personal growth to give women the tools to heal and create the life they’ve been longing for. Kelli’s natural ability to hold space and guide women to become their best selves has changed thousands of lives across the country.

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“kelli's conversational interviewing style and guest choices are accessible to those who know a ton about the subject or nothing at all."

- Aly

"I can't tell you how many times I've listened to an episode and passed the link along to multiple people. Kelli's conversational interviewing style and guest choices are accssible to those who know a ton about the subject or nothing at all. The guests are informative and share their knowledge in a way that's easily understood. I do a lot of reading and research on my own when it comes to the mind and body, but when I want to get a point across to someone who would be more impacted by hearing it from a professional, I come straight to Kelli's platform. Prevention is even more important than cures and she's arming people with preventative information that can be lifesaving. Appreciate you and your mission, Kelli!”