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I think we were both going through that identity or intentional shift in like, “I’m no longer going to tie all of my identity and self-worth to this goal or this thing that I accomplished.” And for me, that’s probably been the most important work I’ve done in being able to be an entrepreneur.

Nourishment is Needed | with Julie Sawaya + Ryan Woodbury

He is not my everything. He is one of my biggest things, but if he is my everything, I’m giving him too much responsibility in my life. And I need to know that whatever would happen, I have a life because it’s mine.

Space + Trust in Relationships | with Tiffany Louise

Your intuition is not inconvenient. It’s trying to communicate with you to not only protect you, but also to make sure you’re in the places you need to be at the times you need to be there. Or that you’re in the energy of people who are going to add to you, not deplete you. It’s trying to help you.

Life as a Psychic Medium | with Emily Greene

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I was paid to host shows in which I did not speak. I had to speak for fifteen seconds, and then give it away. And no one cared what I said; it didn’t matter. So now I see my value and my worth, and I know how much more I have to offer, but it took me ten years in the business of being told the opposite to understand that there’s so much more behind this exterior that everyone sees, and that can’t be what I wrap my whole identity in.

Validation + Freedom | with Jill Coleman

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My boobs, my butt, my curves, my hair, my voice—all of those things are specific to me. So how do I learn to fall in love with those things, and then allow them to flourish and be proud of them. And I think it’s the loving of thyself that allows you to support other women and not be affected as easily when you look online.

Naked in the Mirror | with Olivia Noceda aka olive.eeeats

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I am so honored to have today’s guest on the show! Preethaji is an incredible teacher, and is here to share the power of transformed consciousness. Her and her husband recently published The Four Sacred Secrets, and are the founders of O&O Academy. In our conversation, Preethaji explains what it means to live in a […]

Transforming Consciousness out of Suffering | with Preethaji

Anxiety can be something you try to run away from, or it can be something you listen to, to understand how to resolve elements of your life that you’re unhappy with.

Anxiety, Psychedelics + Monogamish | with Dr. Adi Jaffe and Conner Moore


There’s so much opportunity to empower yourself to feel your body and be in it, but we don’t have a lot of resources to empower ourselves to be our own healer, our own therapist, our own best friend, and that—in my mind—is what somatic work can really unearth.

Releasing the Pain | with Laura McKellin

I realized that the answers were within the whole time. The language was within. I didn’t need to go searching for different synonyms or anything like that; it was all there. It just needed to be given the space to come through and receive.

The Goddess Reclamation | with Julianne Vaccaro


In order to fully express myself, I leave space for the gray area rather than black or white and labels. It is in the gray area that we truly get to be ourselves, where we don’t live by someone else’s definition or label for us, and where we can fully express who we are.

I’m Back In My Body | with Kelli

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It’s knowing that it’s okay to not feel great. It’s okay to start good, and then kind of fall into a trap again. Because as you’re working through two versions of you, there’s going to be this ego trying to bring you back in this darkness that you know that’s comfortable, and then the light that’s like, “no, it’s okay; it’s safe here.”

The Anxiety Trap | An Anonymous Conversation


We’re not serving anyone by putting up the front or facade that we have it together. We are just literally making ourselves that much less relatable, we’re distancing ourselves from everyday people, and not making the type of impact we could be making if we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable.

Trusting Yourself + Finding Freedom | with Celeste Richmond