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Choice, surrender and flow

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This is the daily practice of being
in choice, surrender and flow. 

This isn't

"doing the work"

I got tired of feeling like I had to work so hard to change my life. The achiever in me wanted to check off boxes every day and feel like I was accomplishing something. If I didn’t set the stage for a perfect meditation or read all the personal development books or have a conversation with my spiritual guides, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, and *gasp* failing. I had a stranglehold of control on every part of my life and my growth and I couldn’t figure out why everything was so damn hard. 

It was when I started releasing the grip, stopped trying to win at growth and stepped out of the masculine into the divine feminine, that everything started to come together. Things became easier. The energy began to flow. And what always felt like such hard work, felt like a beautiful practice in my life. I didn’t feel the need to control or manipulate or be “good enough” at personal development and spirituality. It became a magical part of my every moment. A chance for choice, leaning into what my body wanted, and feeling what the next step was. 

It catapulted my relationship, my business and my life in ways I never thought imaginable. How is it that by slowing down, letting go and not “doing” things all the time let me evolve and grow and flourish? That’s the practice I will help you navigate.

This is a collaborative effort. I won’t heal or fix you, because you are not broken. You are your own healer and I am here to facilitate conversations that are challenging and honest and guide you back to yourself.

We will get into:

-  releasing control
-  Core wounds and pain points 
-  Balancing the masculine and feminine 
-  Listening to your body 
-  Connecting with your guides 
-  Manifestation 
-  Energy flow and allowance 
-  Living by your own rules 
-  How our personal lives impact our business 
-  Pleasure 

We will gather 2x/month over ZOOM video calls in a sacred and safe setting, where you can share your heart, explore your limiting beliefs and create a space for more curiosity, pleasure and play. 

I believe wholeheartedly that it is in times of chaos and stress and transition that we have the most opportunity for growth. Our triggers and discomfort bring forward all that we are meant to see. And what a perfect time to choose to commit to yourself as we close out one chapter of 2020 and move into the openness and unknown of 2021.
You don’t have to wait to be radically honest, be curious and ask better questions. 

Imagine sitting in circle with women who see and hold you, without judgment. You will learn from each other and hold space for the container. 

I keep hearing you have no one to talk to. I never want anyone to feel isolated and I love these conversations. Everything stays here and no question is off limits. 

   3 months of bi-weekly ZOOM Video Calls with me

   Journal prompts and recommendations after each call 

   3 guided audio meditations for your pleasure and connection practice 

   An opportunity to share what’s coming up for you in real time

   Access to me outside of the calls via Telegram/Marco Polo 

   Access to THE ONYX + journal PDF

What You Get:

- You’ve been listening to the podcast, and you’re ready to dive deeper
- You want growth without feeling like it’s “hard work”
- You feel like you’re living in a constant state of shoulds
- You know there’s more available to you but you aren’t sure what to do
- You feel a deep desire to explore your truth
- You want to break free of social conditioning
- What you’ve been doing just doesn’t work for you anymore 
- You want to connect deeper spiritually 
- You long for a connection with your body and sexuality 
- You want to be held by a community + sisterhood in your process
- You want to be fully seen 
- You’re ready to choose yourself
- You’re done just going through the motions 
- You’re tired of making excuses for why you can’t have the life of your dreams

This is for you if: