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018 | After The Olympics: Building A Beautiful Life | with Sam Peszek

I am a Trojan and she is a Bruin, but somehow we get along.

An Olympic gymnast, NCAA champion, current broadcaster, host of the I Have Cool Friends podcast, and creator of the incredibly popular and successful Beam Queen Bootcamp, Sam Peszek is a force to be reckoned with.

I had a chance to meet Sam years ago, when she was still in school, and she has been building and creating and working to support young gymnasts and have the important conversations.

Our chat is really beautiful and you’ll be so impressed with Sam’s journey, and just how much she’s already done in her young life.

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Today on The Platform…

  • Sam’s Olympian journey

  • Balancing academics and sports

  • Sam’s post-Olympics struggle with depression

  • How to adjust to life once you’ve already achieved your lifelong dream

  • Separating your identity from your profession

  • The creation of Sam’s Beam Queen Bootcamp

  • The importance of including nutrition in Olympic training – especially for young girls prone to eating disorders

  • Women supporting women: there is room for all of us to succeed!

  • The story of Sam’s achilles injury

  • How to juggle business and health