The Must-Have Clean Beauty Travel Essentials -

The Must-Have Clean Beauty Travel Essentials


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I have been traveling almost every weekend through the summer with the AVP, (Association of Volleyball Professionals) broadcasting live on Amazon Prime! Covering 8-9 hours of volleyball a day will make you craaaaazy! You’d find me hiding under bleachers and wrapping up as each state and city brought their own weather hazards or just trying not to get hit in the face with the ball. Sooo much fun though, but this girls gotta eat, sleep and detox! I was definitely in my element and loved every minute but traveling takes a toll on your body and sometimes you just want the comfort of your own home and bed and food and cosmetics all in order instead of stuffed inside your overnight bag. Am I right? I think so.

Many of you have asked how I stay on my non-toxic regimen even while I travel and I wanted to share how it’s possible! First of all, the non-toxic community has really grown in the past several years. This lifestyle, five years ago, was almost impossible to live by within a major city but is now almost as convenient as getting water from a faucet. Almost.


 The Platform - Kelli Tennant’s must-have clean beauty travel essentials. Non-toxic, chemical-free products

Before my trip I research restaurants around the area and check out their menus so I know ahead of time where I want to go. Most places now have gluten free and paleo options for those who have celiac or autoimmune disorders, which is great because now we can go almost anywhere! And before I go, I try to always call ahead and make sure they can make me dishes without canola or soy oils. Those are non-negotiables for me.

But most of all, my travel essentials have to do with my skin care. Especially while broadcasting, I make sure my cosmetics are ones that are helping and not hindering me while I’m on air. I love that what I use is non-toxic and (bonus points!) that they look great on TV too! Feel free to also check out my shop, where I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite non-toxic, products and everyday items in one place.

Here are my favorites to bring while traveling because they can easily fit in my travel bag and get the job done!



Suntegrity is the ONLY sunscreen I use. It’s smooth, creamy, hydrating and works as a primer! It doesn’t clog my pores and they have a tinted option which I love to wear on its own when I’m just out and about.

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 Suntegrity — natural, nontoxic, clean beauty product sunscreen



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Their eye color sets are my favorite and have a great selection of other beauty products. They are small enough to fit in my bag and easy to apply especially when I’m on the road.  They’re paleo! Which follows the same guidelines as a Paleo diet. Super cool.


I love their bio brightener stick! It gives you that luminescent glow without being cakey or too thick. It’s the perfect accent on top of makeup to brighten your face and is small enough to throw in a purse!

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Physician’s Formula Mascara


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Mascara that really makes your lashes full and long can be SO difficult to find! This is my $6 gem and I will never let it go. I buy four at a time and use it every day! It’s clean, thickening and holds all day! Perfect for different climates and long days of tv and travel.




The translucent setting powder and bronzing powder are two of the best I’ve ever used! Every makeup artist is obsessed with the setting powder because it keeps me shine free for hours! And the bronzer goes on beautifully and warms the face without an orange hue.

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Coconut foundation may sound weird but the color and texture and full coverage are my dream come true! It’s my go to for television and days when I’m not having the best skin.


Cocokind collective

The tinted moisture sticks are all so beautiful! They highlight and give just the right amount of glow. Did I mention they’re made from MUSHROOMS! Yes!

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 The Platform Podcast, Kelli Tennant, clean beauty products, make up, nontoxic, chemical-free, blush and brightener

Blush and brightener in one! I’m all about that efficiency friends! The perfect amount of brightening with a coral blush that pops your face. I love it!

Tom’s Toothpaste

Tastes great and NO FLUORIDE. Can be found basically anywhere so an easy way to incorporate non-toxic into your routine.

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Goldfaden MD

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I love their daily moisturizer and eye cream. It’s all light weight and super effective. It never clogs my pores and doesn’t have a heavy or oily feel.

Josh Rosebrook

Clean hairspray is one part of the market that is quite sparse. This one holds well and sprays pretty lightly.

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Captain Blankenship

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New Moon – I don’t take my smudge sticks on the road with me but I’m so susceptible to taking on everyone’s energy! So I bring my smokeless smudge spray EVERYWHERE with me. Morning, noon, and night, I spritz over the top of my head and in my hotel room and just taking a moment to breathe.


Shampoo + conditioner are two of the most important things you can go clean with! Think about it… you’re working this product into your brain! I love this line because it really lathers well and the bottles are PERFECT for travel. Gives you that deep clean without all the crap.

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I am a huge fan of adaptogens and helping my body respond better to stress. I take 500mg every morning, especially on the road, to give my body that long lasting boost and adjust to long days. Game changer!


Their deodorant is the only one I have found that doesn’t have baking soda (super irritating for me and many others) and actually works! Others make me smell worse! What the heck! Love how fresh and light it is.

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