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077 | The Truth Behind Toxicity | with Jon Whelan

A few months ago I watched the documentary, Stink!, on Netflix. Today’s guest, John Whelan, is the director of the documentary inspired by a chemical scent scent from children’s pajamas. In the film, Jon discovers the culture of secrecy surrounding carcinogens in everyday consumer products, and how it all begins in the halls of Congress.

This documentary asks HARD questions, and delivers information that a lot of people may not even realize. It also helps educate us as consumers for what we can do in order to be more conscious and aware of what ingredients and chemicals are being put in the products we use, and ways to put pressure on companies to stop using the harmful additions. Jon is easily becoming one of my favorite people because of the way that he is advocating for us as a humanity.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Why Jon felt it was necessary to create the documentary
  • Why products with untested chemicals are even on the market
  • The outbreak of products from Johnson & Johnson and Claire’s
  • How Jon explains why it’s important to care about what’s in the products they use
  • Proprietary blends and ingredients
  • The administration’s role in regulation
  • Being conscious consumers and what that looks like
  • Companies that advocate for wellness but produce products that are toxic
  • Labeling and contaminant loopholes
  • Pregnancy and the chemical exposure
  • What Jon has been up to since his documentary released




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