This is Your Rise -

This is Your Rise

A guest blog by Arielle Coree

inhaling on mountain

Lean in, my friend.

There is something you ought to hear.

The world is ready to meet the wholeness of your being.

I know you feel it.

The undeniable shift in the collective energy.

The persistent pull at your heart.

The internal longing for something more.

The Universe feels your muted screams beneath the night sky and in return gives you the light of the moon.

Let this help guide the way.  

Lean in, my friend.

There is something you ought to hear.

Let these words cleanse your soul until your heart remembers the depth of your magic.

It is time for breath to fill the unexplored caverns of your lungs.

It is time for unconditional love to penetrate the walls of your doubt filled heart.

It is time for you to feel the ground beneath your feet and trust that you are held.

Can’t you see?

The healing you long for cannot unfold until you free your soul from the chains of your past.

It is time for you to put it all down.

Your past is your past.

You have carried its weight for far too long.

Until you forgive, appreciate, nurture, love and honor your mind, body and soul, the healing will remain just beyond your reach.

Are you ready?

To release…to heal…to rise…?

Are you ready to surrender?

To let go of all that once broke you so that you can finally become whole.

Your past is your past.

The dark, the trauma, the loss, the tension, the fear, the instability – it is all the past.

Lean in, my friend.

There is something you ought to hear.

You are safe now.

That fear in the depths of your being, it is not needed in these moments.

You do not have to fear the person you will become when the past is gone.

You are light.

You have always been light.

You have walked the walk.

Cried the tears.

Fought the fight.

And now, it is time to let it all fade away in the abyss of yesterday.

Let those moments end.

Choose instead to nourish newly planted seeds of growth and expansion.

Trust that your heart knows the way home.

Lean in, my friend.

There is something you ought to hear.

Over the years you have fallen in love with people, places and moments.

You are now invited to fall in love one more time.

But, this time it with feel different than you may expect.

This time.

The person is YOU.

The place is here.

The moment is now.

Repeat after me.

“I love me”.

Let these three words rattle the bones of your chest.

Let them re-ignite a light in the darkest corners of your soul.

Let them open the door to your healing and watch the past fade away.

Welcome home, my friend.

This is what living feels like.

This is your rise.

girl on mountain

About Arielle Coree

Arielle Coree is a Denver, Colorado based intuitive mentor, inspirational speaker, writer and podcast creator. She is a woman looking to help heal the world, one soul at a time and creates online programs, services and apparel for women on the rise. She brings a calming energy into the world and one of her regular clients described her soul essence beautifully, “As soon as she walked through the doors, she brought a calm with her. A sense of comfort, understanding and a silent, unshakeable support. I had the feeling that she knew me. That she could see right through me (in the best possible way), and to this day, I am convinced that is her superpower. Having the ability to make people feel seen, heard and at home with themselves and their environment, no matter what they might have going on and no matter how they might be feeling”.

Be sure to visit Arielle’s website and follow her on Instagram!

Photography Credit: Lindsay Sevec



  1. Michelle Grant

    April 19th, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Such a BEAUTIFUL post!! Thank you!! Felt like you wrote that for me. Sograteful!

  2. Lisa M Smith

    April 19th, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    You sweet one..are pure LIGHT..pure MAGIC..a warrior with angelic wings of PEACE..❤️🙏🏻

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