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083 | A Real Look at the Healing Journey | with Arielle Coree

Today I’m joined by a dear friend of mine, Arielle Coree. Arielle is an intuitive mentor and oracle card reader, as well as a fellow podcastor. Arielle was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2017, and has been very honest in sharing her story on social media and other platforms.

Through her life experiences, Arielle has created online courses, communities and mentorship programs that help women re-discover their authenticity, confidence and personal power. Arielle has such magic in her mind, which you will hear in this episode in the beautiful poem she wrote. In this episode with Arielle, you’ll hear her share the journey of healing, change, challenge, and beauty that she has lived, and the peaceful path that she’s paving for herself.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • The people-pleaser mentality
  • Lyme disease + why Arielle believes she got it
  • What it has been like emotionally and physically since her diagnosis
  • Ignoring your symptoms
  • The skin issues that Arielle deals with
  • How Arielle’s health has impacted her relationships
  • Allowing herself to hermit, but not sulk
  • The importance of forgiveness
  • The treatments that Arielle has done and what she’s currently doing
  • Shifting the mindset around identity
  • Rewriting her energetic relationship with money
  • The oracle card readings that Arielle offers




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