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085 | The Truth Behind Bipolar | with Hannah Blum

Mental health is an extremely important to me, so you can imagine my excitement for today’s guest, Hannah Blum. Hannah is the author of Halfway2Hannah, a mental health blog and platform for openness about love, life and the things we go through on a daily basis.

Hannah is a mental health advocate living with bipolar disorder, and uses her platform as a way to share her own personal journey. By being open and raw with how her journey looks, she’s inspiring others to do the same, breaking the mental health stigma down each day. In this episode, Hannah and I have a beautiful conversation and I just didn’t want her to leave!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • The new life I’m stepping into
  • Defining happiness
  • Feeling the symptoms of bipolar disorder
  • Struggling with an eating disorder
  • Feeling more connected with her body
  • The therapist that helped her change her mindset
  • Self harm and what it is
  • Being afraid to share your true self
  • Changing our languaging
  • Where the stigma around mental health comes from
  • Suicide rates rising in younger age demographic
  • Guidance around bullying and how to approach the conversation
  • Life after leaving the mental hospital
  • Advocating for yourself in the healthcare system
  • Mental illness + addiction
  • How her mental disorder has played into her romantic life
  • What Hannah’s bad days look like
  • All that Hannah is up to + a deeper look into her writing




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