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a far off promise held with childlike faith
at times swallowed within the quicksand of my mind

i collapse under the weight of my vulnerability
after so many layers and pieces have been stripped away

but each breath holds a simple hope
that some light can come from the darkness
of a body at war with itself

that bones and marrow will find wholeness
flying under the white flag
of my surrender
of the invincibility
that has not been mine to hold

yes, when healing finally comes
i will wrap my arms around this body
no longer tempted to flee its borders

i will be at peace
and i will be home

elowen grey

Elowen Grey is a writer who currently lives in beautiful Central Oregon. Over the years she has struggled with many health challenges and is now on a mission to dive deep into her own healing and to learn how to carry her voice with dignity and strength. When she is not writing, she can be found reading with large amounts of warm beverages or out admiring the dandelions. More of her poetry can be found on Instagram.



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