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086 | Reclaiming Your Power | with Nataly Valenzuela

In my past life as a television host, I met today’s guest, the incredible Nataly Valenzuela. Nataly is a gamechanger of a human, standing for kindness, integrity, and truth. It is Nataly’s mission in life to help women reclaim their energy and own their worth– something I very much stand for!

Nataly isn’t afraid to dive into deep and meaningful topics, which you’ll hear in today’s episode. During our conversation, we talk about eating disorders, bullying, orgasms, healing, and so much more. This episode is JUICY, and I cannot wait for you to listen.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Women changing their names after marriage
  • Catering to others + losing your identity
  • Shame and showing yourself grace
  • Body image triggers
  • Feeling sexy in your own, natural, skin
  • The balance of the feminine and masculine energy after work
  • Nataly’s spiritual evolution
  • Realizing there is something greater than us
  • Past, present, and future happening at once
  • Avoidance + being uncomfortable
  • Sex and oral sex
  • Our past lives
  • The pressure in the TV industry + breaking through
  • Handling work drama
  • Asking how love would respond
  • How and why Nataly helps women
  • The No Girl Left Behind foundation




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