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091 | Breaking Period Taboos | with Maeve Roughton

I started my period really young, and as I got older, I carried a lot of shame around about even having a period at all. I didn’t want to feel judged or disgusting for a natural thing that every woman goes through.

Today, Maeve Roughton joins me on the show to help debunk a lot of the guilt and shame that young women tend to have regarding being on their period. Maeve is the head of content for the incredible period-solutions company, Thinx. I am obsessed with the products that Thinx carries– especially their period-proof underwear. In today’s conversation, Maeve and I talk about how to support our youth around topics like menstruation, and what Thinx is doing to switch the taboo script. This episode is a must listen!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Comfort levels around different “taboo” topics
  • How Thinx came about and how Maeve joined the team
  • What Thinx is doing for women
  • Starting and keeping the conversations open
  • What Maeve has learned since joining the Thinx community
  • Why there’s so much shame around sexual and reproductive health
  • Maeve’s hope for the next generation
  • How parents can have these conversations with their kids




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