Trust and Holding Space in a Sacred Partnership | Ceremony Wellness

096 | Sacred Partnership | with Christine Hassler, Stefanos Sifandos and Conner Moore

On the last episode of Ceremony Wellness, I was joined by Stef Sifandos and we had an incredible conversation about opening up our hearts and minds. Today, Stef is back alongside his partner, Christine Hassler, and my partner, Conner Moore. The three of us are discussing sacred partnerships, and what it means to not only be in one, but to create that level of openness and trust within a relationship. We also talk about working through things alone and together, and how holding space for one another carries so much more value than you may think. Christine and Stef are such expanders, and I learned so much in this conversation that Conner and I had with them!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Men taking a leadership role within a relationship
  • Creating a side by side partnership
  • The difference between being childish and childlike
  • Holding space for one another
  • Working through old patterns of fear
  • The feminine being on guard + releasing what it means to be a woman
  • Working through insecurities together
  • Managing human experiences, spirituality, and personal growth within relationships




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