Transforming Consciousness out of Suffering | with Preethaji

I am so honored to have today’s guest on the show! Preethaji is an incredible teacher, and is here to share the power of transformed consciousness. Her and her husband recently published The Four Sacred Secrets, and are the founders of O&O Academy.

In our conversation, Preethaji explains what it means to live in a beautiful state, and when modern society moved out of this place of oneness with all. We talk about the effect suffering has on our lives, why we choose to be in a state of suffering, and how to move out of it. She teaches us how to build happiness from the inside and ways to navigate relationships when doing this work. We are digging into ways to incorporate ancient wisdom into modern times, and find peace and stillness within!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Why we neglect our inner state
  • How suffering is where we are most comfortable
  • The way disconnection keeps us from experiencing life
  • Bringing attention to your inner disturbance & dissolving it
  • The spectrum of consciousness
  • Spirituality and connecting to the universe
  • What it feels like to be & to not be present
  • The importance of practicing being present
  • Having a vision for your life vs. obsessing over goals
  • Forgiveness in healing trauma
  • Manifesting by being in connection with the universe




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